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Welcome to Acorns!

Our teacher is Mrs Wade, and our teaching assistants are Mrs Palmer and Mrs Clayton. Our Acorns class usually takes fifteen children.

In Acorns, we start the day with a morning activity, usually handwriting or finger gym. Then we have our register, talk about the date and the weather and discuss what we will be doing during the day.

At 9am every day, we do twenty minutes of Phonics. (On Wednesdays, we have PE with MNR and so Phonics is before lunch instead.)

Just before lunch, we have twenty minutes of Maths (again, except Wednesdays!). After lunch, we have reading practice sessions, followed by Knowledge and Understanding, Literacy, RE, PSHE or EAD depending on the day, and then independent learning. We finish the day with a review of our learning, and storytime.

Children in Acorns are encouraged to be independent in their learning inside and outside. Our classroom is open-ended, and offers many opportunities for children to choose their own resources and challenge themselves.

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